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Enhance competitiveness and athletic performance by tapping into​ sports intelligence & statistics that give you the edge.

We are an Australian business that loves sport.​ So much that we spend our time reading sport data.

At Data Driven Sports Analytics we’re focused on making sense of facts and figures by providing innovative sports analytics that drives your sports intelligence and gives you a fresh perspective on new opportunities for athletes, sporting clubs and sports organisations.

By combining the power of qualitative and quantitative data collection, business analytics and reporting, Data Driven Sports Analytics creates sports data that works to help organisations understand the intricate details of sporting performance to heighten success on and off the field.

We live and breathe sports data, sports statistics and business intelligence and go above and beyond to provide a comprehensive analysis of your data including the weaknesses and opportunities that face your organisation.

We work with our clients to drive performance, allowing coaches, schools, sporting organisations and athletes to make insightful decisions that are based on in-game and training data and analytics.

Our experienced team of sports data analysts are proud to offer scientific solutions for sports data analysis and work closely with our clients to identify trends and indicators via easy to view dashboards and reports that work to establish more transparent analytics. We’re here to help your organisation get the stats and reports required to drive sports performance.

Through the information we provide, Data Driven Sports Analytics works to defend your competitiveness and athletic performance so you can make informed business and sports decisions.

Shane Liyanage


Shane has extensive experience in performance analytics, working in multiple sports as a player and coach analytics consultant.

With roles in multiple professional sporting organisations, tour level tennis players and sports media, Shane has the experience and passion to turn complex, robust analysis into simple, easy to understand, actionable insights for players, coaches and teams.

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